When Did Grandmother’s Chickens Get a Makeover

Why are chicken breast so plump and big? Why is it that all  fast food and other restaurants have endless supply of meat? Why is there always perfect looking vegetables in the supermarket? I am really passionate about eating healthy. I wasn’t always like this. Maybe that’s why ten years ago, I was about thirty five pounds heavier. I felt ugly and was always really tired. I remember my Sunday ritual. I would wake up and make a big breakfast (lots of syrup on the waffles) and then take a nap two hours later. Crazy…right!! I didn’t realized what I was eating was making me tired plus heavy. Knowledge is power!!  Thank you to Robert Kenner who wrote and directed the movie Food Inc.  The movie is packed with tons of knowledge and will answer all of the question above. Don’t you think it might be time to make a step in the right direction?


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  1. My husband and I always considered ourselves healthy eaters. But after we watched Food, Inc.a few months ago, we immediately took a serious and honest look at our eating habits and realized that we were fooling ourselves. Since then, my husband has lost over 35 pounds and I’ve lost about 10 pounds. We both feel better, have more energy and are now outspoken advocates for taking charge of your eating habits. Know your farmer, know your food, connect with your body.

    Thanks for your blog, I hope it reaches the multitudes and empowers them to take control over the food they put in their bodies.


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