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Get Over Your Fear of Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help with getting you pregnant?  In a recent issue of OK magazine Jennifer Aniston is seeing Sheryl Crows’ acupuncturist , “Jen sees Sheryl as her health guru, so when she suggested acupuncture, Jen went with it straight away,” an insider tells OK!. “Jen wants to get pregnant soon, she’s convinced acupuncture will give her a helping hand.” Also, Jennifer Lopez admitted to OK magazine that she lost 15 pounds with acupuncture therapy.  Acupuncture has been around forever but now it’s becoming more mainstream.

Acupuncture which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) that manipulates needles on certain areas of our body to help with different ailments. The needles slightly stick into the skin. This form of medicine can be dated back to the stone age in China. How does this all work? The body is seen as two opposing sides; yin and yang. Yin represents the cold, slow side were the yang represents the fast and active side. According to TCM our body needs to be in a constant balance but when the body is off balanced, disease can  cure. The imbalance blocks the qi (vital energy) with moving smoothly along the meridians which move throughout the body. Qi can be restored with using acupuncture.

According to the National Institute of Health, acupuncture can help with anything from headaches, recovery from surgery, fertility, weight loss, and the list goes on. It was my turn for a treatment.

I was recommended to well known Acupuncture Physician, Sharon Bock of Fort Myers, Fl. I had seen Sharon once in the past and trusted her professionalism. She graduated with the highest honors earning her Masters Degree from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.  She is very kind and patient with listening to me about my body. She had me stick out my tongue to see whats happening with some of my organs. She noticed my tongue was quivering on the side which is directly related to my liver. I was a bit hesitant but I looked in the mirror and yes my tongue was quivering. She educated me by giving me some hand outs showing the qi and how all the organs relate. The treatment we agreed upon was getting the flow of qi back in the liver and of course being newly married our goal is a baby, I wanted a fertility treatment. Sharon’s specialty is in pain reduction, weight management, nutrition specialist and addiction release. She is also treating a few woman for fertility.

A few needles in the abdominal, arms, hands and feet. I could feel them for a minute but I wasn’t sure if it was me thinking about them going in. Our mind will play funny tricks on us.

Once I was finally relaxed I forgot about the needles. I know it sounds funny to say, “relax” when there are needles sticking into you but it is possible.  After a few minutes on the table she took the needles out of me and I couldn’t feel a thing or even know where they were. She placed some acupuncture seeds from a Vaccaria plant in my ear to continue with my treatment for another week.

She told me “in TCM when the blocks are removed and the qi and blood are flowing, we are like a smooth flowing river“. I would recommend Sharon Bock (239-425-2777) to you if you are in Southwest Florida. If you have never tried acupuncture, I would encourage you to try it. I am not crazy about needles but acupuncture isn’t bad at all. If it can help you why not give it a try, fear no more.


A Vinegar That Can Cure

My mom used to always make me eat my veggies, but she should have been making me drink my cider.  Most people wouldn’t think to drink apple cider vinegar to lower their cholesterol or maybe allergies but they should.   Apple cider vinegar is amazing for what it can do for us: lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure and also help with weight loss just to name a few.   Although some aliments haven’t been scientifically tested there are a few that have and one major one is lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Who knew that apples going through a fermenting process could give us a powerful liquid.  I guess the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.  I drink apple cider vinegar because I try to focus on keeping my PH levels in my body more on an alkaline side versus acidic.  Many foods we eat are acidic, processed junk foods that are high in animal protein.  Our stomach is already very acidic then we start our day off with adding coffee(acidic) and a bowl of ceral(Acidic) or cinnamon roll(acidic)  and we are batting zero first thing in the morning.  If our body is too acidic it could cause health problems according to well-known naturopath Paavo Airola in his book “How to Get Well”.  Here is a list of some foods that are acidic and alkaline plus more details on PH levels.

There are different ways to drink acv.  I drink about one ounce of acv in warm green tea.  My aunt and uncle drink it in cold juice and just down it fast.  I am not a fan of a straight shot either, did it once and felt nauseous.  I drink it everyday or every other day.

It doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as it’s raw organic unfiltered to get the best benefits, I attend to use  Bragg‘s it moderately priced.  A lot of grocery stores are now carrying a organic section but if not go to your local health food store.

Easy to Make River Rock Mat

I am always looking for the next easy to make project.  I came across this very cool and simple to design outdoor mat. The river rock mat is not just easy it’s inexpensive as well. A double bonus easy and inexpensive…love it!

Supplies: A tarp, natural color drawer liner, landscaper adhesive, adhesive gun, scissors, a couple of nails and small river rocks.

All these supplies can be bought at a hardware store for minimal dollars.

The tarp is your workplace (adhesive won’t stick to it).  Cut the liner the size you want your mat.  Wash and let your river rock dry. Cut the the tip of the adhesive stick, medium size hole.  Poke a thin metal stick (coat hanger or gun will have it attached) inside the hole. Even though you cut the tip it’s protected inside with a very thin metal. No worries it’s easy to break. Start gluing the rocks onto the liner.

My goal for this was to get the rocks as close together so you can’t see the natural liner underneath.  Use the nail to spread around the adhesive on the bottom of the rock.  I also scrape away any extra adhesive that is noticeable on the liner.  If the adhesive gets on your fingers it will wash off with soap and water. When finished put the nail into the tip of the adhesive stick so keep it remain open when it drys.

Let dry for about 24 hours. Peel it off the tarp.  The project cost me under $15. I made two large mats and a small one for my candle. Enjoy your river rock mat.


A Healthy Raw Snack on the Go

When you’re diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis your life changes. Shari the founder and owner of “Two Moms in the Raw” started looking for healthier ways to live after being diagnosis in 2004. What she found was the body heals better when foods are raw and free of pesticides. Being a busy mom she was having a hard time finding a healthy snack to take on the go. After a few moms in her kitchen and a lot of experiments finally the perfect snack was created. I tried the GojiBerry Granola today. That is completely wheat and gluten free, it’s handmade from 100% raw, 100% organic, no added oils, no refined sugars. It looks like bird seed but taste like heaven. It’s sweeten with organic agave and a touch of cinnamon and a dash of sea salt. The ideal combination inside your mouth. It’s super yummy and good for you!

It’s hard to find a healthy snack to take on the go that taste amazing but “Two Moms in the Raw” have conquered it.

First Eggs are Recalled and Now Deli Meat

About a week ago we had a huge recall on eggs. The update on the eggs is that it has expanded to more plants so check your eggs against the information listed here.  Not to continue with more bad news but a new recall has been issued today and it’s on deli meat sold at Walmart stores. Check the entire story out here.

Who Wants Free Stuff?

Who wants free stuff? My hand goes straight into the air. I love free stuff no matter what it is.

Here’s one of the best organizations that will give you free stuff: FreeCycle. It’s an entirely non profit organization with no membership designed to network people’s stuff.  The goal is to help keep stuff out of our landfills.  You know when you move or spring clean there’s always a bag of stuff that you no longer want, maybe you don’t want to have a yard sale, freeCycle is perfect. The deal is the stuff must be FREE, legal and appropriate for any age.

Yesterday my sister connected up with a woman in her area who gave her tons of Italian custom made tile. The lady no longer wanted it but didn’t want to throw it out. My sister has been wanting to re-do a section in her house that the tile is perfect for.

The one thing my sister warned me about is spammers. Unfortunately, spammers are everywhere we are. Watch out.

What a great concept to keep stuff out of our landfills and recycle!

The Salt Cave

When I think of a cave I usually think of cold, damp and creepy but this is not the case with the Salt Cave.  The location  is not the typical high mountains, wooded serene forest that you might picture when you hear the word cave. Instead it is located on a main street in Naples, Florida. But it’s not about the location that makes this places so amazing it’s the salt.

So your probably asking so yourself, “What’s the big deal with a salt cave?” The health benefits of breathing small particles of salt have a tremendous benefit to our health. Salt therapy can help with tons of ailments like: asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, smoker’s cough, allergies just to name a few. We have respiratory and skin problems from the pollutants in the air that we breathe and the water we drink. Instead of overloading our body with prescription drugs, why not try a natural solution of alternative medicine: salt therapy. This is Himalayan salt not table salt. Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

Inside the cave; the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with Himalayan salt. The ventilation system is connected to a special custom salt generator device which turns the salt into a dry aerosol that you breathe in.

Andrea Geresdi, owner of the Salt Cave is truly a passionate woman who wants to share this alternative therapy with everyone. She offers a free thirty minute session once a week to experience it for yourself.

Besides salt therapy the Salt Cave offers tons of services from massage to yoga, they even juice wheatgrass. My dear friend Candi bought my first salt lamp from there.