A Smile is Worth More Than Money

A smile is far greater than any currency. You might be flat broke but you can always receive and give a smile for free. It won’t cost you anything and you could  reduce stress, lower blood pressure, activate the immune system, create happiness inside and so much more. So why not do it more? We become locked into our own world and it’s hard to escape.

A few months ago, I was having a really hard day.  It must of been obvious to an older woman in the grocery store.  We looked at each other passing in the isle and she gave me the warmest smile.  It was almost like she was giving me a hug and telling me “it was going to be ok”.  I smiled back  as if to thank her for lifting my spirits.

I invite you to try the game I play daily. It’s called “smile -smile”.  It’s really simple. Smile with love from your heart to everyone you encounter.  Like me and the older woman in the store.  Sometimes I get strange looks but it just makes me smile even bigger. You never know who might need a warm smile . Can you imagine if everyone did this daily what the world might be like?


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