No News is Good News

When did our society become strung out on negative news? I opened up the local news on the internet to see what’s going and every headline is a negative story. A motorcyle rider killed on the interstate, a car crashed into a tree, a man shot in a house party.  Isn’t it odd that the news is filled with more negative stories than good ones? Maybe it’s because ratings go up if there is more “fear based” stories. Like, be careful when riding a motorcycle or you could end up like this guy who crashed. We all freak out about the” what if that was me” kind of thought.  Maybe that’s why we all do the “rubber neck” when we see a car crash on the side of the road.  Most of us look. Who care’s about cuddly news stories like, the guy who is a great dad or the mom who reads to her kids. No one cares about crap like that we just want blood and guts,  and to be scared into thinking that that the world is ending.

We moved into a new condo a few months back and we couldn’t afford cable so we waited a month. We realized that we didn’t miss the negative news stories. In fact we don’t miss watching TV at all. If we want to watch anything we stream it or go on sites like ch131. com and

The solution is easy. Simply stop watching the news. Why do we need to know about the guy on the motorcycle? If we knew him our family and friends would tell us.  If the road was bad and the news was trying to warn us that would be different.


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