How I Found Arsenic in My Body

I went grocery shopping today.  As I cruised the meat isle I was surprised to find almost every meat-packing company has put the word “Natural” on their products.  This is the most misleading word and it is used by almost every company.  My first blog to this site was about this same thing, the word “natural” on our foods.  As consumers we have a choice on what we spend our money on.  If we are not educated about the word “natural” and how companies are taking advantage of us we will fall directly into their trap and think we are eating healthier.  I was on the website of The World Society for the Protection of Animals, WSPA and they have a list of all of the FDA food labels that make the grade. The word Natural on our packages mean:

Unquestionably the most misleading and misunderstood food label. The term applies only to products that have been minimally processed and indicates that the product contains no artificial ingredients, coloring ingredients, or chemical preservatives. “No antibiotics used” and “no hormones administered” claims must be made separately from the “natural” label. In fact, meat from animals fed antibiotics or hormones may be labeled “natural” as long as no artificial ingredients or preservatives were added to the final product. “Natural” does not refer to the way the animal was raised, fed, or handled.

The meat companies will label the packages and state: NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS, VEGETARIAN FEED.  As a consumer that sounds pretty great, but is it? In the vegetarian diet most of the feed is corn and soy mix which has pesticides and other drugs to kill off bugs.  You could be digesting arsenic and not even know it.  According to Consumer Report, chicken farmers give drugs that are approved by our government to fatten up the chickens and kill off any microbes. The drugs are not given to the chicken by injection it is in the soy-corn mix feed that they give to them…sneaky!! One of the drugs found in the chickens food is called Roxarsone (3-nitro) which contains ARSENIC!! This form of arsenic is less harmful to humans than the form connected to causing cancer. This would explain the arsenic found in my body a few months ago when I did a hair analysis to find out what vitamins I was lacking.  To my surprise, I had a small amount of arsenic in my body.

I was assured that the level of arsenic was very low but as you can see it was the highest in all of my toxic elements.  I was told that it could come from processed foods.  Even though there wasn’t a  level high enough to do harm, my question was, what about over time? Give me another 15-25 years and I could get cancer. This is a negative way to think but let’s be real.  Do we really know why or how we get cancer? If I have this low amount in my body now what would it be in 25 years.? I used to only eat chicken that said, “Natural” and “No hormones, No antibiotics”. Thinking I was eating healthy and doing good for my body and family. I rarely eat chicken now.  If you read the Consumer Report information they tell you that Foster Farms was the best tested for Arsenic but this report is from 2007.  Find a local farmer in your area that raises meat, this could the closest to organic if you can’t afford organic. You’ll also be helping a small farmer stay in business versus a huge corporate operated farm. Also, beware of the meat packaging labels that tell us that this is “Natural” and it was raised on a family farm. The truth is, the huge farms that raise our meat are sometimes family owned, but what the label doesn’t say is that the farm is  funded and controlled by huge corporations. That is another trick that consumers fall into.

I hope you are a little bit more informed when you go shopping and see the word, “NATURAL” , it’s not always better for you.  Wake up! It’s your money and health!


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  1. Thank you Tanya. I read labels carefully, but I’ll be reading them even more carefully now. I usually do spring for the organic meat but you can’t always control what you get when you are in a restaurant or on vacation. Or someones house. And who wants to be the guest that asks to see the meat wrapper before dinner???
    It just makes me so mad that these companies put making a few extra dollars over people’s welfare. And this is only one way they do it.


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