My Debut in The Valhalla Soap Commerical

Now a days there is a strong desire to become famous. For example, Nadya Suleman giving birth to octuplets in January 2009, or the people that camp out for days just to get a shot at a reality show like American Idol. The dream of becoming famous is much easier now with the web, sites like Youtube and Facebook have allowed us all to jump into the arena of our own reality show.

Of course, I too have jumped at the chance of wanting bigger and better. Last Wednesday, one of my favorite naturally made soap company’s, Valhalla Soap came up with a cleverly way to give out free product. Make a commercial video for their company and you can be the star. This was for their W.O.W. (whacked out Wednesday) contest. It took me a couple of days to figure out the script and 11 hours of production but it’s done. I am not sure if this is the video that will make me famous  but it was fun editing, writing and staring in it.

We are all naturally famous in our own way, maybe it’s among our peers, children, parents or our daily events. We all get to create the space in our own reality show.

To check out more of my videos plus my interview with actress Mandy Moore.


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