Are You A Tree?

Our lives can derail at any minute without us expecting it. The smallest thing can throw us off our tracks and into the woods. What am I talking about? Balance. In life there has to be balance of work, play, home, social and “me” time. Sometimes we give more to one area  while the others are neglected. Everyday, I try to keep my choo choo train on the tracks by being a tree. Now, I sound wacko but wait give me a minute. Standing like a tree can make one feel balanced. In yoga the tree pose (pictured below) has such a great meaning and it feels good when your in it.

Meaning: In Tree Pose, your body may sway, like a tree does in the wind, but your foot stays rooted into the ground. This freedom for your body to move and find its balance while you envision being rooted in the ground develops your spiritual acceptance of your body’s position in space.

It’s makes me feel one with myself and keeps me from derailing. I also think it’s my way of trying to balance on one foot for a minute. I love a challenge.


One response to this post.

  1. Tree is my favorite pose! I love the meaning behind it. It makes me feel grounded and stable. 🙂


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