One Problem With Growing Wheatgrass

The results are in for my crop of wheatgrass. After one week of watering and sunlight how did I do?

This tall bright emerald lushes grass was ready to be harvested. This looks like it might make a lot but will it?

Here’s the problem: Normally you should use a manual juicer (below) for wheatgrass to get the best results. Unfortunately,  I don’t have one of those groovy machines just a veggie juicer that spins the juice out of the pulp.

So needlesss to say I didn’t get much out of my harvest.

I only got about one and half ounces of juice but it was the sweetest wheatgrass I have ever tasted. Maybe it was so sweet because I poured LOVE into it everyday. The Sprout Queen has everything that you need to get started on growing your own wheatgrass  and sprouts. It was simple and tons of fun. It brought me back to first grade and growing lawn grass although I don’t think I ate it.


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