Who Wants Free Stuff?

Who wants free stuff? My hand goes straight into the air. I love free stuff no matter what it is.

Here’s one of the best organizations that will give you free stuff: FreeCycle. It’s an entirely non profit organization with no membership designed to network people’s stuff.  The goal is to help keep stuff out of our landfills.  You know when you move or spring clean there’s always a bag of stuff that you no longer want, maybe you don’t want to have a yard sale, freeCycle is perfect. The deal is the stuff must be FREE, legal and appropriate for any age.

Yesterday my sister connected up with a woman in her area who gave her tons of Italian custom made tile. The lady no longer wanted it but didn’t want to throw it out. My sister has been wanting to re-do a section in her house that the tile is perfect for.

The one thing my sister warned me about is spammers. Unfortunately, spammers are everywhere we are. Watch out.

What a great concept to keep stuff out of our landfills and recycle!


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