A Vinegar That Can Cure

My mom used to always make me eat my veggies, but she should have been making me drink my cider.  Most people wouldn’t think to drink apple cider vinegar to lower their cholesterol or maybe allergies but they should.   Apple cider vinegar is amazing for what it can do for us: lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure and also help with weight loss just to name a few.   Although some aliments haven’t been scientifically tested there are a few that have and one major one is lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Who knew that apples going through a fermenting process could give us a powerful liquid.  I guess the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.  I drink apple cider vinegar because I try to focus on keeping my PH levels in my body more on an alkaline side versus acidic.  Many foods we eat are acidic, processed junk foods that are high in animal protein.  Our stomach is already very acidic then we start our day off with adding coffee(acidic) and a bowl of ceral(Acidic) or cinnamon roll(acidic)  and we are batting zero first thing in the morning.  If our body is too acidic it could cause health problems according to well-known naturopath Paavo Airola in his book “How to Get Well”.  Here is a list of some foods that are acidic and alkaline plus more details on PH levels.

There are different ways to drink acv.  I drink about one ounce of acv in warm green tea.  My aunt and uncle drink it in cold juice and just down it fast.  I am not a fan of a straight shot either, did it once and felt nauseous.  I drink it everyday or every other day.

It doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as it’s raw organic unfiltered to get the best benefits, I attend to use  Bragg‘s it moderately priced.  A lot of grocery stores are now carrying a organic section but if not go to your local health food store.


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