Move Over Coffee There’s Something Better

A few days ago my good friend Lauren discovered a wonderful drink that makes her feel great. I was so excited when she told me it was Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is an herbal beverage that has a long list of health benefits. For instance, it gives you sustained energy “no highs and lows” like coffee. It also helps you control your appetite and increased mental clarity. It’s loaded in antioxidants and more, the list goes on, it’s just plain natural and good for you.

Last year my midwife told me to cut back on coffee because it was bothering my female parts. I cut coffee out of my life and went to Yerba. We are trying to get pregnant and don’t need any extra unnecessary bother.

You can serve it with milk, honey,orange peel or just plain.  Yerba is also alkaline versus acidic like coffee.

I will admit once in a while I will have a cup of coffee although my tastes buds aren’t the same with coffee. There are many different brands, my favorite and one that is consistent in quality is Nativa.

The video is so informative on the product and the company. To START VIDEO – HOLD MOUSE CURSOR OVER VIDEO AND PUSH SPACE BAR.


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