10 Forgotten Tips in The Kitchen

Sometimes the simplest tips are forgotten.

1. Freezing bananas for smoothies.

2. Rinse hot water into measuring cup before putting syrup or oil into it. It’ll pour out easier.

3. Throw an apple into the cookie jar to keep the cookies soft.

4. Pull out the extra oven rack before cooking and use it as your cooling rack.

5. Freeze wine in ice cube trays for future use in sauces.

6. Get the most juice out of your fruits. Let them warm up on counter and roll them under your palm.

7. A pinch of salt in with eggs while boiling to ensure no cracks.

8. If you wonder about an egg’s freshness, place it in a pan of cool salt water. If it sinks it’s still fresh, if it floats then its not good.

9. Taking the top layer of an onion off can help reduce…tears.

10. If the bread is going stale, put a stick of celery inside and seal it up. Celery restores freshness.

I was talking with a friend about freezing bananas for smoothies. She knew about it, but had forgotten about it. Sometimes we just need a simple reminder. If you have a simple tip please feel free to share. Leave a comment. It’s easy and will be much appreciated. Thanks. Tanya


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on September 3, 2010 at 8:36 am

    Nice tips – like the celery and bread one. Also, for brown sugar that has gotten hard, put a small piece of bread in a plastic container with it and seal it. It will soften it up.


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