Free Yoga

Fall is always one of my favorite seasons. The weather starts to cool down, more soups for dinner, the changing of the leaves; really September is the kick off to fall. There is one more reason to love September besides fall, and that is because September is National Yoga Month. This month there are so many wonderful studios around the country that are opening their doors for a free session. If you have always wanted to try yoga this is your perfect chance. If you go to the National Yoga site and don’t find a studio near you, don’t give up. Most studios are really great about opening their doors to new student for a free drop in session anytime of the year.

I really believe in the benefits of yoga but also think that every time I get on my mat I learn a little bit more about my true self. Yesterday, I went to my yoga class that is outside under an old Oak tree and next to a lake. One of the poses that was a little tough for me to do was supported pigeon pose (salamba kapotasana).

This position looks easy but I struggled with it a bit. It really concentrates on the hips. Which in our daily lives we move forward with our hips.  My teacher informed us that it would be easier the more we practiced but also asked us to think “what is holding you back from moving forward in your life?” After yoga, I realized my fear of change can hold me back.  Wow, I love when my mind speaks to my body.


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