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Juicing a New You

I started my juicing craze about 5 months ago. Since we are trying to get pregnant, I thought this might help. I started juicing every morning. Before this I would drink fresh juice once a month. I even got my husband enjoying it. He looks forward to his green -reddish breakfast. I start with one garlic clove, small piece of organic ginger, small piece of beet(not too much it will make you sick), 2-3 sticks of celery, red cabbage, Kale, spinach, carrots, and apple. I put in a little cayenne and kelp powder. This might sound gross but the apple makes it a little sweet. The juice fills me up in the early morning. First, find a juicer that isn’t too tough to manage. Second, find your perfect veggie combination that works perfect for you. Juicing is amazing!!

Garlic-Natural antibiotic, helps with flu and common cold and more

Ginger– Anti-inflammatory, helps with common colds, soothing the digestive system and more

Beet– High levels of anti carcinogens, folic acid, antioxidant that helps the body against heart disease, high levels of Vit A and more.

Celery– Vit A, B1, B2 B6, C, folic acid, iron,calcium and magnesium and more.

Red Cabbage– Cabbage is a muscle builder, blood cleanser and eye strengthener.

Kale- High in folic acid, it contains seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli, carotenoid keep UV rays from damaging the eyes causing cataracts. B6

Spinach– Vit K, Spinach is loaded with flavonoid that functions as antioxidant and anti-cancer agent.

Carrots– Helps skin, hair, nails, strong antioxidant that can prevent cancer.

Apple– Apple is a rich source of flavonoids and polyphenols both are powerful antioxidant. Vit C

Cayenne Powder-Improves circulation through vasodilatation

Kelp Powder- rich source of iodine and iron, iodine is important for the proper functioning of thyroid and iron is important for blood cell function. Kelp is the best natural source of trace minerals










A Rescue for Type 2 Diabetes

Do you know someone that has Type 2 diabetes? What if they didn’t need to take any medication? It’s possible to go from insulin dependent to insulin free. Check out this amazing video below to see how it’s possible.  I changed my diet completely about two weeks ago. I have endometrios and the more I research, the more I learned that diet is everything. I have gone completely vegan(a little fish) and gluten free, plus I eat nothing that comes frozen or in a can. I believe this will help with the endometriosis. I am not completely raw yet, but a majority of our meals lean that direction.

My husband and I have more energy, no more sluggish days. He still has some wheat in his diet. I feel amazing, I feel more focused. Remember we are what we eat.

This video came from a very cool free site with over 1250 documentaries available

High Fructose Corn Syrup Might Get A New Name

There’s been a lot of hoopla about the key ingredient in most of our processed foods: High Fructose Corn Syrup. So what is it? It’s a sugar substitute that is commonly found in soda, bread, yogurt, cereal, lunch meat, soups and more.  Some researchers point fingers at high fructose corn syrup for being related to causing obesity and other illnesses when consumed in large doses. Some might think that they don’t partake in large doses but look at what it’s in; yogurt, soups, bread, common things that are supposed to be healthy. High Fructose Corn Syrup might be  getting a new name read more here.

Sprouting Life For Your Life

Sprouting your own nutrients is very common and can save you money. I went to my local health food store and noticed the prices on sprouts were very high. I knew that I could do it myself and some money.

You can sprout almost any legumes, seeds and grains. The nutritional value is astounding when the legume or seed comes to life. The protein and vitamins  increase while the calories decrease. I decided to sprout lentils. Lentils are good in salads, soups and other recipes. Sprouted lentil protein is about 3.5 grams for 1/2 cup, vitamin B, C, folate and iron all go up higher.  You are eating the true essence of life.

How to sprout: I will use the lentils for example.

1. Measure out how much you’ll use in 2 weeks since that is about the life for sprouts. Remember it will double in size.

2. Soak your lentils for about 8-12 hours depending on the size. The smaller ones will be about 8 hours.

3. Put a cheese cloth or very thin cloth inside of a colander and transfer lentils to it and rinse (filtered water). * You can also buy a special sprouting jar at health food stores.

4. Rinse twice a day. Put your lentils in non direct sunlight on the second day for a few hours. This will help the growth and fill them with chlorophyll (delivers magnesium and helps the blood in carrying the much needed oxygen to all cells and tissues) Lentils will start to sprout the first day after the soak.

5. You can eat your lentils on the third day. You can continue letting them grow for a couple more days.I went for a total of four days

6. Store them in a freezer bag inside the fridge to stop the growth. This will not hurt the nutritional value but it will make them dormant. You can store them up to two weeks.

You can eat the lentils with the sprout. The lentil will be much more softer than before it started to sprout. The taste reminds me of alfalfa sprouts, which I am not a fan of. It taste like dirt to me. My husband loves alfalfa sprouts and loves the lentils. I know how much nutritional value I am eating and have acquired a taste for them.

This is my sprouts after four days. Enjoy your sprouting!

Super-Simple Banana Fun

At night I find myself poking my head around the pantry or the freezer looking for some unhealthy mid-night snack.  I found a great substitute to ice cream or cookies.  Take a frozen peeled banana, microwave it for 30-40 sec.  You want the banana to be mushy but not warm or hot.  Then load it up with the goodies.  I put a small amount of organic flax seed, raw organic pumpkin seeds, cut up organic medjool dates, sprouted organic quinoa , organic dried cherries  and a peach chopped up into chunks.  I mix this all together for some super simple banana fun and it was amazing.

Looks can be deceiving you know the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  The banana isn’t too mushy it’s slightly frozen so it has a thick consistency.  There is no added sugar to this except for the fruit.  I would rather eat fruit then the bowl of ice cream I was pounding back last month.  Enjoy!

My First Gluten-Free Vegan Cookie Recipe

I came up with a simple recipe tonight that I have to share. I wanted a healthy cookie to take with me to work.

I blended (food processor) some walnuts and cashews up. It made a powdery dough texture. I then chopped up dates into tiny pieces. If your not really familiar with dates they’re a perfect substitute for sugar or honey. I added some flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. I soaked red quinoa and added some to the mixture. Quinoa is packed with protein.I put a dash of sea salt into the mix.

  • 1/2 cup of walnuts
  • 1/2 cup of cashews
  • 4 dates chopped into pieces
  • 2 tbs of flax and pumpkin seed and sprouted quinoa
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Dash of cinnamon

After the mixture was together I formed the dough into balls like when you are making cookies. I put them into the oven  on 170 degrees and placed them on the top shelf for about 30 mins. They don’t hold together as well as regular cookie dough but they are good enough to bake. They are full of goodness. It is dairy, wheat and gluten-free and tastes amazing.

This is my very first vegan gluten-free cookie.  My husband even liked them.

Raw Vegan Asian Lettuce Wraps

Next week we are going to a friend’s house to watch college football and need to bring a dish. I found a  raw vegan asian lettuce wrap recipe that looks scrumptious on Choosing Raw‘s blog. They claim that this recipe is simple. I love simple when it comes to cooking. They also state that this dish is a little sweet and a little spicy. I am not 100% raw but I am always up to try a new dish raw or not.