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Happy 10/10/10

Some people don’t really believe in the climate crisis and some do. The fact of the matter is there is not an endless supply of resources on the planet. You know the old saying, “all good things must come to an end”. We are taking and taking more than mother earth can keep up with.  Its as though we are raping the planet of it’s goods. The Climate Crisis Project is a good thing with a larger emphasis. It’s about coming together globally and working towards a better way of living while saving the planet. Check out this great website that’s about the climate crisis project. How can you get involved? What can you do to change? No worries if you didn’t start today on the 10th, just start tomorrow. I am looking into a community garden with some friends.


The Salt Cave

When I think of a cave I usually think of cold, damp and creepy but this is not the case with the Salt Cave.  The location  is not the typical high mountains, wooded serene forest that you might picture when you hear the word cave. Instead it is located on a main street in Naples, Florida. But it’s not about the location that makes this places so amazing it’s the salt.

So your probably asking so yourself, “What’s the big deal with a salt cave?” The health benefits of breathing small particles of salt have a tremendous benefit to our health. Salt therapy can help with tons of ailments like: asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, smoker’s cough, allergies just to name a few. We have respiratory and skin problems from the pollutants in the air that we breathe and the water we drink. Instead of overloading our body with prescription drugs, why not try a natural solution of alternative medicine: salt therapy. This is Himalayan salt not table salt. Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements.

Inside the cave; the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with Himalayan salt. The ventilation system is connected to a special custom salt generator device which turns the salt into a dry aerosol that you breathe in.

Andrea Geresdi, owner of the Salt Cave is truly a passionate woman who wants to share this alternative therapy with everyone. She offers a free thirty minute session once a week to experience it for yourself.

Besides salt therapy the Salt Cave offers tons of services from massage to yoga, they even juice wheatgrass. My dear friend Candi bought my first salt lamp from there.

No News is Good News

When did our society become strung out on negative news? I opened up the local news on the internet to see what’s going and every headline is a negative story. A motorcyle rider killed on the interstate, a car crashed into a tree, a man shot in a house party.  Isn’t it odd that the news is filled with more negative stories than good ones? Maybe it’s because ratings go up if there is more “fear based” stories. Like, be careful when riding a motorcycle or you could end up like this guy who crashed. We all freak out about the” what if that was me” kind of thought.  Maybe that’s why we all do the “rubber neck” when we see a car crash on the side of the road.  Most of us look. Who care’s about cuddly news stories like, the guy who is a great dad or the mom who reads to her kids. No one cares about crap like that we just want blood and guts,  and to be scared into thinking that that the world is ending.

We moved into a new condo a few months back and we couldn’t afford cable so we waited a month. We realized that we didn’t miss the negative news stories. In fact we don’t miss watching TV at all. If we want to watch anything we stream it or go on sites like ch131. com and

The solution is easy. Simply stop watching the news. Why do we need to know about the guy on the motorcycle? If we knew him our family and friends would tell us.  If the road was bad and the news was trying to warn us that would be different.

A Smile is Worth More Than Money

A smile is far greater than any currency. You might be flat broke but you can always receive and give a smile for free. It won’t cost you anything and you could  reduce stress, lower blood pressure, activate the immune system, create happiness inside and so much more. So why not do it more? We become locked into our own world and it’s hard to escape.

A few months ago, I was having a really hard day.  It must of been obvious to an older woman in the grocery store.  We looked at each other passing in the isle and she gave me the warmest smile.  It was almost like she was giving me a hug and telling me “it was going to be ok”.  I smiled back  as if to thank her for lifting my spirits.

I invite you to try the game I play daily. It’s called “smile -smile”.  It’s really simple. Smile with love from your heart to everyone you encounter.  Like me and the older woman in the store.  Sometimes I get strange looks but it just makes me smile even bigger. You never know who might need a warm smile . Can you imagine if everyone did this daily what the world might be like?

Garbage Patch in the Ocean: Bigger Than Texas

I thought the garbage patch in the ocean was a joke.  I started digging into this more and found out it’s real and we are the ones to blame.  I know that you wouldn’t purposely drive to the ocean and throw your plastic water bottle in, but are you throwing it away in the garbage?  Two key steps to help.  First, recycle as much of your trash as you can.  Second, reusable products like grocery bags can save on using so many plastic bags.  Instead of buying plastic water bottles, get a reusable one that can reduce your plastic bottle consumption. You can do a lot by doing a little.