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An Easy Meditation For The Full Moon

This is an exciting time when the seasons change. The moon will be officially full at 5:17am ET on the 23rd. Equinox is about balance and this is a good time to focus on yourself. If you look to see where you are in your life you might see something that isn’t balanced.  For example, I just started working again and going to school full time. I am in desperate need for balance. This is what I am focusing on. Fall is time for hibernation or death. I know the word death seems so sterile but it works. Think about it; the leaves die, the bears go to sleep and it all comes back to life during spring. Find your balance and release and recreate.

I found a great meditation for the Full Moon Equinox from Karen Murphy a Reiki master, I would like to pass it along.

Try to practice it at least twice over the coming three days, paying especial attention to when you need to create this connection on the Equinox itself.

Close your eyes and focus on the breath. Feel how your body, your cells, expand along with the rise and fall of your chest, your shoulders, your abdomen. Feel how this breath move along tiny passageways into every cell in your body, infusing you with the energy of this moment. It is this moment – right now – in which you are creating what happens next. In this breath, you plant the seeds of your next week, month, year, and decade. In this breath, you infuse your being with all your hopes, dreams, and expectations, and in this breath you embrace also the stories and dreams of all those who share breath on this planet with you. Breathe now and breathe in those stories, allowing them to mix with your own. Breathe out again and send your hopes out into the universe to be co-created by all those who share breath on this planet with you. Rest now in the immense possibility that you have created with one breath. Breathe that knowledge – knowledge of your innate power to create – into every cell, down to your toes and beyond back down into the Earth again. Feel the door that you just opened, and choose to walk through it into your next breath.