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Recycled Pets

When I was in radio I always had a connection to the local animal shelter. We would have the shelter bring a new dog or cat in to be the “pet of the week”. I started volunteering a few days a week and immediately felt the benefits of giving back. When I lost my radio gig.  I remained  in contact with another volunteer who helped me get a part time job at the shelter. This job has been so rewarding for me, it has helped me get back into the work force plus provide for my family. The economy hasn’t just misplaced workers, it has also misplaced animals. People have lost their jobs, they have lost their homes and their income has been lowered or even erased. Which in part has left their animals hungry and abandoned.

In 2008 , Florida, like the rest of the country, was hit really hard due to the economy. We were consistently in the Top 3 for the nation’s foreclosed homes. As a volunteer I saw dogs and cats coming into the shelter that had been locked up in abandoned homes for weeks. There seem to be a flux of strays running loose. People were coming in crying leaving their animals with us because they were living in their car. It was really sad a couple of years ago. Now a days, it’s not that extreme but it still seems that there is a huge amount of strays running wild. The shelter is full capacity all the time.

The reason why I am sharing this story with you is, if you are thinking of adding a new family member to your home why not try the shelters or rescues. The low budget pet stores buy from puppy mills.

They might be cute sweet puppies but their mom is a breeding machine that lives in a cage and barely gets food or water. Please don’t buy from low budget pet stores. If there is no more demand for the puppies then maybe the puppy mills might go out of business.

Instead look for your sweet adorable animal at the local shelters. There are tons of puppies, kittens, big and small dogs, they have it all. At night when I leave for the day. I have a routine I walk down the aisles and say goodnight to all the dogs. Some jump up to greet me with what appears to be smile on their face, some seem like they are performing tricks  and others just look at me with sorrow in their eyes. Animals at the shelter might be recycled but they still have lots of love.