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A Rescue for Type 2 Diabetes

Do you know someone that has Type 2 diabetes? What if they didn’t need to take any medication? It’s possible to go from insulin dependent to insulin free. Check out this amazing video below to see how it’s possible.  I changed my diet completely about two weeks ago. I have endometrios and the more I research, the more I learned that diet is everything. I have gone completely vegan(a little fish) and gluten free, plus I eat nothing that comes frozen or in a can. I believe this will help with the endometriosis. I am not completely raw yet, but a majority of our meals lean that direction.

My husband and I have more energy, no more sluggish days. He still has some wheat in his diet. I feel amazing, I feel more focused. Remember we are what we eat.

This video came from a very cool free site with over 1250 documentaries available